I am happy to announce that I will be closing this chapter of my life and moving into a new career path! As many of you know Jake and I wed this past June, and for most of 2022 I have been focused on wedding planning and updating our condo to move into a new home, but now the time has come and we are moving into my great grandmas house in Clarkston, Michigan. This is a giant under taking and a very big passion project of ours! Along with our big move, I am choosing to close shopcocogrand.com and close the boutique….for now. I cannot bring myself to say this is ”the end” of coco grand forever but for now I will be transitioning from retail, to real estate!

Our entire website shopcocogrand.com is 50% off with no code needed. Discount will automatically apply at checkout, all orders will be shipping, no pickup (we are mid move/renovations). 50% off will run until the end of the first of the month. On 9/1/22 our website will be placed on PAUSE for a final weekend of shopping. All orders from now forward are final sale, alll gift cards and store credit will need to be redeemed BEFORE our website is closed before being void. Visit us IN PERSON to shop our blowout weekend sale at The Finch on September 9/3 & 9/4 during their store hours. We will bring as all things we have left and mark them down significantly for one last hoorah to shop together!

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