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Tips Staying Organized & Starting The Year Off Right!

Collette Grandison

Posted on January 06 2017

Tips Staying Organized & Starting The Year Off Right!

Hi Friends! So in my last post I talked about 2016 and how amazing it was but guess what, 2017 is here and ready to be conquered! 

Im not a professional organizer nor am I actually organized (I like to think I am) but I am going to share some tips and tricks with you guys and hopefully they're helpful. I love planners (actually too much) but TBH I suck at using them. Mostly, I like to look at my whole month so I can see what events I have coming up or when assignments are due for class. 

I bought my planner at Target (holy grail) and I LOVE IT! I usually will start off with one and after a few months of scribbling in it, I'll get a new planner and copy my information into it. I love the planner I have because it has space to write monthly notes, goals and things to focus on. For instance, this month I need to stock up on packaging supplies, look at spring arrivals and start mapping out my Spring Break trip! It also has a nice view of the week and lays everything out clearly.

The planner I have is no longer available but here are two I found very similar at Marshalls for only $12.

As much as I enjoy writing in my planner, I hate when I mess up and I have to fix stuff then it ends up looking ugly and ya know not like Pinterest. I try to write everything out in pencil, once I know something is 100% booked and happening, I write it out in color (gotta keep it cute) and this helps me stay organize. I always write days off of school or work in blue and I write down my markets/events in purple. 


Planners are great but know what is better? To Do Lists! Maybe it is just me, but there is something SOO satisfying about crossing things off your to do list. I like to think that I can remember everything but I'm not perfect. I try to write out a list the day before so I can get an idea of what is ahead of me (then I obsess all night about my list, yikes). I found these super cute note pads at Marshalls for $3 and I usually find good stuff in the $1 section at Target! 

Try to list your items by their importance, that way its not eight o'clock and you still haven't done laundry or went for that run you promised yourself you would do in the morning (#guilty). Always think ahead, try to map out all of the things you have going on in the next three-ish days and then figure out when is the best time to go grocery shopping or the post office. If you're headed to that side of town might as well get it done! All in all do what is best for you, if you feel totally overwhelmed with a planner don't use one. Keep on rocking.



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