Welcome 2017!

Collette Grandison

Posted on December 27 2016

Welcome 2017!

Ladies, the new year is so close I can almost taste it. Time for resolutions and promises I may or may not keep! Reflecting on the past 365 days I have accomplished a ton, and also gained a few pounds. But who is counting? Certainly not me. I'm busy being a #BossBabe, college student, girlfriend and an entrepreneur. Did I mention I'm only Twenty and sorting out all of the "find your dream job" nonsense? 

This year started off strong with a trip to Windsor, Ontario drinking vodka with great people. Good laughs, good music and even better drinks. When spring came around I racked up the courage to expand from my Etsy store and launch (thank me l8tr) and went totally broke. No worries though, I was living on excitement and adrenaline, finishing the semester strong and moving home to South East Michigan. I packed my summer with events and served chicken wings while living out my dream of running my own little boutique! As the year progressed I learned a lot about business, fashion, finances and friends. It is difficult being young and entering the hectic new world of business and not a single person has your back. Not because they're shitty friends, because they're way more clueless than you are! 

Progressing into the fall, I began to think about what CoCo Grand could be, my goals for my business, myself and my relationships. I worked a lot, laughed a lot and def drank a lot of coffee while traveling to different states attending markets (Chick-fil-a lemonade is a new found BFF) . I am going to 2017 ambitious and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I might not be a journalist but I know that I am writing a blog to entertain my customers an remind them that even though I run a business, write a blog, go to college and make it to the gym, I also am an average joe who likes frozen pizza and cheap wine any day of the week. I'm a normal American girl who owns way too many pairs of leggings and constantly wondering where all my money went. 

Here is a look at some of my favorite pictures from 2016! 


Stay tuned and keep a look out for my next post; tips on staying organized this New Year! I'd love to hear what you're hoping the new year brings to you, whats your resolution? 



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