How We Started

 "Don't quit your daydream"

CoCo Grand was an idea formed in 2013 when I began selling handmade headbands to a few classmates. I was 17 years old and I knew when I "grew up" I wanted to run my own business. In early 2015, I joined the Etsy community, opened up shop. I was confused and intimidated but I made it a goal to open my own store to branch out and really start focusing on what CoCo Grand could be. After networking and figuring out how to put my plan in action, I launched in March 2016!

I spent a few years building our online store and popping up all over the country. Going to college in St. Louis and being from Michigan gave me a lot of opportunity to meet small business owners and network. In 2018 we bought a step van and transformed it into my dream mobile boutique. In October 2018, we signed a lease for our first store front!

FAST FORWARD! Here we are in 2021 and KILLING IT. I (Collette) currently run the boutique full time with my fiance Jake! We have an awesome team member who helps us...My mom, Stacey helps out with packing orders! We currently have a storefront, a warehouse and a booming online store!

We cannot wait to meet you!