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How It Started

 "Don't quit your daydream"

CoCo Grand was an idea formed in 2013 when I began selling handmade headbands to a few classmates. I was 17 years old and I knew when I "grew up" I wanted to run my own business. I had no idea what I was doing but I took a leap of faith and sold handmade goods at a few local craft shows. My so called "business" was spreading, and mostly because I had a proud mother who shared my wimpy Facebook posts. 

After a year, I joined the Etsy community, opened up shop and began selling! I was confused and intimidated but my orders came rolling in. When the holiday season came around, I could not keep up. I made it a goal to open my own store to branch out and really start focusing on what CoCo Grand could be.

Overtime, I have followed many boutiques that grew to be successful and thought "how fun would that be" but I never believed I could do it. After networking and figuring out how to put my plan in action, I launched CoCo Grand!

I am now 21 years old and making my dreams come true. My next goal is to finish college and open a store front. Join me on my journey and keep your closet filed with the latest fashion trends!

Collette Grandison, Owner

I am a college student, a dog lover, and a young entrepreneur! I love interacting with my customers and making women feel beautiful. It really puts a smile on my face to have a genuine connection with my clients. 

I am a one women team, but I have a huge support system. My mother, Stacey, tends to travel with me to events and markets. She always helps keep me on track and has a positive attitude. I also have to give it up to my friends! They're always there to back me up when I am second guessing a style choice. Chances are, they helped personally pick out your items!